President's First Half report 2016

President - Egbert 'Clarkie' Clarke

First Half 2016

Men and women of might:

As we approach the mid-point in 2016, we are hoping to repeat the paid membership levels attained last year. As a reminder the following members make up the 2016 board:

President: Egbert Clarke

Vice President: Fidel Dhana

Secretary: Patrick Green

Treasurer: Michael Nedrick

Fundraising Director: Warren Bloise

Membership Director: Brian Wallace

Programs Director: Charles Gordon

Alumni Relations Director: Lance Gibbs

Public Relations Director: Aubrey Campbell

Directors at Large: Fredrick McLeod. Albert Lettman, Orville Denton, Kirk Thorp. Stephen Grandison

Looking ahead to the second half of 2016, it’s only fitting to reflect on the year so far.

We are woefully way behind on our Membership drive and it is getting more difficult to recruit members. We need all the support we can get. Membership dues help Cornwall College with the “standard asks” such as football shoes, track shoes, basketball shoes, Penn relays support etc. The other fundraising goes towards major infrastructure support and scholarship. Membership dues can be paid online at:

June 26th is our annual Family Fun Day. This is a very easy ticket sell. You get a complete Jamaican meal and entertainment regardless of the age group. Please push as hard as you can to sell all tickets. We want to see 450 people at the event on Sunday.

Our Big Event is fast approaching. We need all hands on deck….We want another sold out event.


Last year we launch the Irrigation project by raising over USD$13K to resurface the “field”. Today I am proud to report that we have laid the pipes and can irrigate the field.

However, we ran into a number of problems during the process. Some people were not able to keep their commitment to their pledge dollars or pledge labor. So we lost monetary pledges of JMD$320K and labor pledges in the range of JMD$260K. We had some issues with the bedrock of the field which caused additional work and more piping to the tune of JMD$200K. We also decided to place the tanks on top of the industrial arts building versus close to the field for security and gravity feed reasons. This add an additional JMD$200K to the costs. We had some un-budgeted costs for seeding and labor of over $300K. All in all we need an additional USD$12-$14K to complete the project. When complete we expect Cornwall College to have one of the best high school football pitches in the entire western Jamaica.

We continue to work on the solar project and are about to get our own distribution grid at Cornwall. This will solve our voltage issues and allow us to finally bring that project online.

With all that said we still have a lot of work to do. We will have six more meetings in 2016 and two major fund raisers. We will launch the planning of Dinner Dance 2016 at the start of July.


As a reminder, we are an “Event” driven organization with three major fundraising events each year. We are almost into the Family Fun Day. The other is the Dinner Dance see dates below.

Family Fun Day 6/26 (the weekend before July 4th and the week after father’s day)

Dinner Dance 11/5 (Signature Grand see flyer)

We will support the Homecoming event in Jamaica In October.

One last reminder, the Cornwall College Alumni Association, Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization and as you start to do your tax planning keep this in mind. Your donations/contributions may be tax deductible. (Speak to your tax advisor). We do not leverage this enough and I wanted to point this out.

The ultimate endgame is how we can help/contribute to get Cornwall College back to be the preeminent high school it once was. We look forward to each and every one contributing in whatever way you can….

Thank you and stay bless….CC fi life.

Egbert Clarke